It has been exactly one month since the last post on this blog. We were running full steam with the Oscar Road and suddenly we hit a road block. The road ended for us and everything else passed us by. The Oscars were given away, new flicks have come out and many other things have happened. However we were stuck due to various reasons. Me and the others were busy with personal stuff and couldnt make enough time to contribute. We apologise for the break. Clearly the sourcing of the content for the blog wasnt thought through. We are making a few changes there.

Turning a new page, It will have new contributors and not just flooded with my stuff. The quality shall be maintained and we plan to have a post everyday. It was our plan to be the place for you to get quality movie reviews, news and other content. Before we broke off, the content was flowing in well in form of reviews and award coverage. We shall have more stuff now. Below are the guidelines we set for ourselves and stuff we need to bring to you.
  1. Most movies we review here shall be of some importance and the average rating will be high due to the simple reason that we and in specific I generally stay away from movies which known to be bad already unless something unique associated with them.
  2. We shall have reviews, quick reviews, marathons, recommendations and several movie centric features.
  3. New contributors. If you think you have content to share do let us know. We would love to share your stuff on our blog.
  4. We hope to have a post everyday but it will take sometime before we fall into the groove. Hopefully by the end of this month with a good crew we can do that and maybe more than that.
Thanks for coming back and we hope too much cinema entertains you well. Do leave a comment on what you would like to see on this blog. We would love your input.

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