Review/Oscar Road, Part 8: Rachel Getting Married

Anne Hathaway is one charming actress who has got the acting credentials to go with itrachel-getting-married. I read an article where someone was saying that with an oscar nod and a possible win she could be the next Julia Roberts with her beautiful and intelligent common woman looks. Thats true, she hasnt got divinely looks like that of Angelina Jolie and neither does she play the deeply entrenched characters like her other competitor, Kate Winslet. Her roles in The Devil wears Prada, Brokeback Mountain and now Rachel Getting Married are good examples to prove the point.
Kimberley (Anne Hathaway) is a drug addict who is back home from rehab for a couple of days to attend her sister Rachel’s wedding. This is a family with quite an unhappy past which has left scars on everybody. The past cant be let gone off but they have to live the present. They have to celebrate a happy and joyful occasion of marriage where two people, really in love tie the knot and two families bond. The fact that it is always hard to overcome our difficulties, yet smile and embrace the happy moments we come along whenever we can was well captured. I felt like I was one of the guest at the marriage or part of the family while watching the movie.

The movie is brilliantly scripted and the flow between the celebrations of family and guests and struggles within the family is superb. Nothing seems unnatural or out of place. No scene was stretched or tried to be capitalized upon due to its subject matter, be it the 12 steps, the festivities or the quarrels. Jenny Lumet has done a marvellous job with her first script by showing a lot of maturity giving a lot of grace and depth to characters who are in pain beneath the surface. The veteran Director Jonathan Demme (Philadelphia) has made a heart touching movie which explores human relationships and the strength and love of a family. The background score was quite good and the music was in sync with the celebrations as the musicians attending the marriage as they keep practising in the background. (The groom is a musician and the others his friends)
However the reason I loved the movie so much is the dynamic between the two sisters who have all the issues sisters generally do. Superlative performances from Anne Hathaway and Rose Marie DeWitt(as Rachel) give the movie so much more charm. Hathaway is definitely a strong contender for the lead acrtress oscar. On the other hand I think Rosemarie Dewitt should have been atleast given a best supporting actress nomination for essaying such a complex role so well. I have seen her before in the critically acclaimed TV series Mad Men, where too she looks very beautiful with a mysterious glow around her which makes her so vivid and subtle at the same time. Here in Rachel Getting Married, she plays the role of a woman who is about to get married but is afraid that her drug addict sister, who she loves dearly, might ruin one of the most important days of her life. Its surprising how oscar pollers get it so wrong and deny some brilliant performances even of a nomination.
After the good reviews it initially got I waited for a long time to watch this and I wasnt disappointed. Overall, the movie is a warm and touching drama, with good share of joys and sorrows, well worth seeing. One of my favourites so far and though I havent said anything negative about it (Cant think of any either except a longis sequence where people dance after the marriage and we kinda lose focus) , it isnt perfect.
Rating: 9/10

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